Mr P's SMART Board

One teacher's record of the implementation of a SMART Board Interactive whiteboard into a primary school classroom. For links see the Simply Science FURL. For science education try Simply Science site. For ICT check out My Other Blog. For one with the lot then go to my Suprglu archive.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Tony Poulter from the UK's "Board With Teaching" website is set up to help trainees and teachers to get to grips with interactive whiteboards. It has heaps of great background information plus lots of links that are very useful.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Spreading the Word Wider/Getting Organised

As alluded to in earlier postings I have been messing around with blogs and other associated technologies. I now have another blog, (3 in total related to teaching, Simply Science, (All about science and the Simply Science Site), Mr P's SMARTBoard, (a chronology of my experience with an interactive whiteboard), and My Other Blog, (dealing with my experiences with ICT). To make it easier for me to keep up with all of these I am now also using Suprglu My Science and ICT archive is at

Spreading the Message

Though I haven't posted here for a long time I haven't been ignoring the Board. Back in October I and a couple of colleagues from school were very ably supported by Jeremy from Electroboard in conducting a whole day PD for some other local teachers interested in getting into SmartBoards. The day was great fun and the feedback suggested that the participants both enjoyed and learnt lots from the day. As an assist to the day I prepared a CD for participants including movies using the screen capture facility in the Smart Notebook, (beware though that at around 50Mb, they need a good broadband connection). I have modifed the CD to go online at my Simply Science site. Teaching and Learning with A SmartBoard can be found directly at