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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

IWB's Hit The Big TIme

I went along to the ICT in Education Victoria Conference the other weekend and was fascinated by the fact that in a program of 60+ sessions, six of these sessions dealt with interactive whiteboards. I was one of them of course :). Given the number of sessions on offer I was quite chuffed to have a full house. Once again my good friend Jeremy from Electroboard came to the fore with a brand new board to present with. I was also pleased to have the support of another colleague from school as a co-presenter. My colleague did a fabulous job demonstrating and sharing her work with the board. I learnt lots from listening to her as well and it was great to have support to keep me under control as I do tend to get carried away. Again one hour is just enough time to whet the audience's appetite and I am sure that we could have gone on for much more time.


Blogger SueM said...

Hi John, It's Sue here from Lichfield. I do visit your site now and then but your whiteboard link isn't working at the moment. I have been delivering training on SMART Notebook quite a lot and wondered what your latest ideas were with relation to children and SMART boards. Anything new on the horizon that you've found? I'd love to hear any new ideas so that I can keep my training fresh and moving forward. Hope you are well.

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