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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where Did The Computer Go

Our school has a policy of rotating the computers through the rooms at the end of each year and on-selling the older ones to families. This is a nice idea except that it means that the desktop computers that you have taken such care over to ensure they are running to the optimum with all the software installed that you need are suddenly passed on to someone else and you invariably get the only four machines in the school that have been dogged all their lives by gremlin problems :). Worse still they don't have the Smart software on them so it is install again.

Thinking that I had to use the original supplied disks first, I loaded the Notebook software and then the Smart Ideas before going to the shared network drive to load the updated latest version. It was only in a later conversation with our supplier that I found out that the Update is in fact a complete version which does not require previous versions. Hmmm silly me.


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