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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've Been a Bit Slack

Having been told by a number of people both personally and by email that they have been reading this blog, I have been very slack in committing anything to it for some time now. That's not because there aren't things to say, it's more that I have been too busy trying out all manner of other things. A couple of neat things happened though. A while back I went to Electroboard in Melbourne for their Expo and was made to feel very welcome indeed. I had a great chat to Alison and others and really chewed the ear of our local Vic rep Jeremy R. It was really impressive to check out all of the various iterations of the boards and the huge range of peripherals that are available to support them. If you get a chance to go to a similar expo by any of the distributors I would strongly suggest doing it. It can be really eye opening.

Following on from that I did another PD session for the Victorian Science Teacher's Assoc. Once again Jeremy came to the fore and provided a board for me to present with. Having the board is so enabling and makes the presentation just so much more engaging both for the participants and myself. You have eye contact with the audience almost all of the time and working from the board is easier to track than a mouse pointer. The session was great but the chat after was mostly about the board. Interesting to see that out of 20+ plus participants only 2 others had seen a board........


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