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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who Owns This Board?????

Had a couple of interesting happenstances today. Firstly I had related our experiences with the AIM test and the board to other teachers in the unit, suggesting that they might like to try "doing" their test practice the same way. One teacher was a little reluctant and suggested that another who has been into my room a couple of times previously might like to do the session instead. This was fine by me as my children were out at library for an hour. At the appointed time the grade 3 children dutifully filed in and they began the test. Again apart form some minor hiccups with pens in hands when trying to scroll or move pages, the teacher did as good a job as me, (and probably better in some respects). Great to see another teacher gaining confidence.

We also used the board last night to highlight where on the school server a folder of information regarding our current topic of energy is housed as well as display what some of the documents looked like. (Using the board sure beats the heck out of craning necks around a desktop monitor.)

In our little discussions about things this morning we got onto kinetic and potential energy, (which is part of the work we are doing at present). Talking about springs and elastic and things of that ilk talk soon turned to balls. I straight away thought, hey there must be some animations out there that show a ball bouncing and how it compresses. I remembered that I had FURLed a site with timelapse movies called Playing With Time but unfortunately they didn't have a movie of a ball. There was however a 20 second movie that spanned 0.1 second of real time showing a water filled balloon landing on a table available. Well did this spark some discussion. The children wanted to stop and start and reverse and then play back ad nauseum. They actually began to suggest and conjecture what might happen if the table were surface were modified. Without too much encouragement they began to come out to the board and draw over it which was quite impressive to see.


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