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Monday, July 25, 2005

A Smart Idea Up To Date

Over the weekend, in response to a query about another matter, I got an email back from Jeremy at Electroboard, (our SMARTBoard supplier), in which he passed on the information that an update for the Smart Ideas software was now available to move up to Version 5.

Having discovered how to download the software, (via the Try Now option), I was most impressed to see how fresh and new the interface looked and how some of the problems I had commented on in the older version, (see Not Such a SMART Idea Again????), had been addressed. The only minor whinge, (though I can see their reasoning), is that the clipart is available as a separate download which then needs to be installed later. As I said I can see that doing it this way allows customers to download a "light" version of the basic program over a slower connection. It also means that you are not dragging along clipart, that often won't be needed.

BTW, the aforementioned Jeremy also has a blog, (though I do note he isn't as regular a poster as I try to be :). His Growing SMARTer blog is at


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