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Monday, July 25, 2005

Taking AIM at 2004

After our aborted mis-adventures with using the SMARTBoard to demonstrate how to take an AIM test of last week, I finally found the 2004 version to match the student books we already had. A number of scans later, I had digital image copies of the 2004 test items ready for display. Gathering the grade 3's together it was then a tour through how to best do multiple choice tests.

Displaying the scanned pages in Windows Picture and Fax viewer again we were soon very busy checking through the reading passages to find the answers. The children were also involved coming out to the board to shade the bubbles next to the "correct" answers. There was one minor drawback in this and that was each time we scrolled the page, the shading was lost. I also had to tap the page twice to firstly agree that I didn't want to save the page as an image, and then next to actually scroll the page. This was a minor inconvenience, (especially if a child still had the pen in their hand...... :).

Because we had the correct test, this time through went very smoothly and we finished the test well within the expected time which in itself was a re-assurance to a number of children, (now let's hope they can carry the same dedication to the task into the real test in a week's time.)


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