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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Oh Damn Not Such a SMART Idea

With June comes the time to do the mid-year student reports. Alas the need to gather data, write the reports etc has meant that not a lot has happened with the board over the past couple of days. Today though it was time to put it to work again as we began to prepare our children for their first child-centred interview. (This year instead of it being the formal parent-teacher meeting to talk over progress we are going to have the children lead the interview presenting their work themselves.)

To ready the children for the interview it was deemed important to provide guidelines within which the children could discuss and present examples of their work. To help them organise thier presentation, I decided that I would use the board. Half way through the listing of the subject areas I realised that each had sub sections that needed to be listed and then subdivided again. Though I could, (and did), add extra pages quite easily, having to juggle around the pages seemed not quite as efficient a process as it might have been. It was around about half way through that I realised that I should have used the SMART Ideas software. Using SMART Ideas would have allowed me to more easily multi-layer my work and then later display the criteria in outline format. Instead I had to resort to Cut and Paste to bring things together. A lesson that may be well learnt when doing similar activities.


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