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Thursday, May 19, 2005

An Offer To Good To Refuse

This weekend I am to present a session at the Annual ICTEV conference. On Wednesday I received my first copy of the interactivewhiteboard news from In the newsletter it was mentioned that Electroboard were willing to provide a SMART Board to conference presenters. As I am also going to present sessions later in the year at a couple of science teacher's conferences I sent off an email enquiring about the possibility of a board for these. Cheekily I also mentioned the ICTEV conference. Imagine my surprise when next morning in my Inbox was an email with attached loan agreement for the conference on the Saturday. This was followed up by a phone call to me from Jeremy, the account manager at ElectroBoard seeking to make sure that they could deliver a board to the conference for me to use. Suffice to say i will now have a board with which to better present my session, (I was very impressed).

Oh the session is titled ICT and Science. You can view an online version at my Simply Science Site at


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