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Monday, May 09, 2005

Clozed Correction

We had been doing a cloze exercise as one of our reading group rotations this week when I hit upon the perfect way to go through the correction/analysis of responses, why not the board. This was easy as I had a digital copy of the passage so it was a simple matter of throwing it up onto the board and the entering all possible alternatives into the spots where the words had been removed from, on the board. Much nicer that simply listing the alternative words on the board and then checking back to the passage for the context as the contest was already there.

Memo to the future, make sure as much of my work is kept in digital form so that we can throw it up on the board. Last week we had done a "torn story" activity where a passage had been disassembled and needed to be put back in order. Damn we could have gone throught the correction of that on the board with the passages in separate blocks. Doing that in the Notebook format would have allowed children to slide them around and rearrange them however we liked.


Blogger night jungle said...

Hi John,
Thanks for informing the oz teachers group of your blog. I have read through all of your blogs about the introduction of the SMART boards with keen interest. I am hoping to be able to get access to one sometime and your commentry will be of assistance if that ever comes to fruition.

10:33 PM  

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