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Friday, April 22, 2005

Branching Out

So far the board has been quite useful as a replacement for the normal board and the text to type function has been well used though it is time to break out a bit. For lots of other tasks it has been easier, or more convenient to use the normal whiteboard, (am I still being paranoid about the globe and yes I have the batteries and the remote works fine except when you turn it off and then realize that you really wanted it on again but you have to wait until the lamp cool down is complete and the projector is ready to start up again.

Today we tried a Thinking Skills activity called TWINK or "Things I know" "Things I Want to Know" and "Things I Know now". I had a template prepared though again it would have been easier to prepare the template in Word. SMART Notebook doesn't have customizable tables in the gallery and drawing them with the Autoshapes is possible but just that little more clumsy that I could do in Word. Still after a little experimenting I was able to get up a quite attractive template for the children and I to work with. Modelling how to use the TWINK template via the board however was great and most effective.


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