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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Showing off to Colleagues

As it was the hols, it was an opportune time to get some practice in with a couple of the other teachers who will have a board installed in their room. A time to meet had been arranged and we spent a good couple of hours just fiddling with the NoteBook which is quite neat as well as trying to make some sense of how to get the SMART Ideas software running like we wanted to. Overall it was good PD and time well spent.

I also spoke at length to the technicians who work on the network in the school about how we could set the board up so that we could operate it off of a desktop or my laptop with some sort of switching device in the middle. Thus if needed we could run the board without my laptop if required. The techo seemed to think this would not be a problem, (famous last words). He also said he would look to see how speakers could also be configured so that we could listen into the animation/interactives.

It was also time to clean up all of the shavings/plaster etc left over from the installation, (and they say all we do is teach......)


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