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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

First Time For The Kids

Taking the class down to the old office where the board was set up and boy were they excited, (though this was no doubt tempered because they had already seen one in the "Life Ed" van. Ours is quite a lot bigger so there was still quite a "Wow" factor. The first experience for them was to write their names on the board with pens and then convert this to type.

Most found this easy though there was a tendency to stand in front of where they want to write thus throwing a shadow, (as the projector was at the same level as the board and not elevated this meant that the shadow was even greater than might have been). Some children also were a little timid. It is important to write firmly on the board. Others wanted to go back and "correct" errors. Unfortunately the "text to type" recognition doesn't like this and as a result threw up some curious translations. Generally it proved better to write large letters quickly and do any alterations later.


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