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Thursday, April 21, 2005

We Live in a Fish Bowl

Interesting isn't it how most things new attract attention. As our class is next to the library and the computer lab, all other classes in the school go past our room at least twice a week. It seems that at the moment they go past our door just that little more slowly than usual, especially when the whiteboard is operating. Most teacher also just want to say "Hi" or pass some comment about our grade being the "smarties then". We don't mind, we'll take the good with the

Even when I'm on yard duty siblings of my class children come up and identify themselves as having someone in the smart class.

It's my intention that when I have time release or when we are out of the room that other classes will use our room and the board.

At the moment I am still a bit paranoid about having the projector globe running when not needed and as I haven't yet gotten batteries for the remote this means climbing on tables a bit, (I'll get the batteries tomorrow). Also we found out that the laptop hibernates quite often when not plugged in.


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