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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Maths Games are Fun

Over night I had a brainwave. Often we play maths strategy games. To teach these games we usually have the children in a circle on the floor watching as I play a game on an A4 sheet against one other of the children. Thankfully most children are reasonably engaged though often there is a little pushing and movement as they try to see what is going on. More often than not however when they move off to play against each other there are many variations on the understandings of the rules. As a result I decided to see if the board would help.

Using the notebook again I fiddled until I was able to make gameboard for our next game, "Trapper and Escaper". Thank goodness for the "Copy/Paste" and quite useful "Clone" function of the notebook. Next it was up to making the counters. Making them movable without having the board also move was a problem until I remembered the "Lock in Place" attribute via the right mouse click. Pretty soon I had a functioning game.


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