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Friday, April 29, 2005

Play the Game

Wow, the kids really enjoyed playing "Trapper and Escaper" on the board so much that I am not sure that they really wanted to go off and play on the game boards. There was a lot more interaction as different children were able to make each of the moves. They were also able to change roles from being the Trapper to the Escaper.

Of course with every step forward there seems to be another in another direction. Even though the electrician is wanting to come back to tidy up all the cables etc, the solution on the tech front has been harder to achieve. It seems that the projectors we have purchased can only send out signal. This is different to some other models that can apparently loop the signal. This means that trying to connect two alternate computers to the projector will not be a simple matter of looping them on a shared cable. Instead a switching device will be needed. Sourcing this of course is taking more time so the cables still hang around. As well in another surf around the Smarttech site I have found there is a need to purchase specific extension cables for extending the cable to the board and projector. Ah well another week of children being careful around cables........

In the mean time it has been a lot of fun inviting other classes into the room when my class are off at art etc and showing them and their teachers some of the capability of the board. We usually do the name on board, convert text to type, a Flash animation story or two, an interactive or game and maybe something associated with what they are doing in their classroom at the time. All, (teachers and children), have been quite excited and have really enjoyed interacting with the board.


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