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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Brave Colleagues

Each week, because I have some previous experience in the area, I take senior soccer for an hour. This means a swap with one of the other senior teachers who comes into my room to take my grade 3/4's. Having already been in for the intro session with her class, Mrs N was brave and forward enough to ask that if I set the board up, could she use it with my kid's assistance. This has been the start of a neat little professional arrangement as Mrs N has now not only continued to use the board with my class but has also enquired about further using it with her class when mine are out of the room.

Another day we were out of the room for 2 hours checking bikes. Another colleague who has had experience with boards in another setting was offered the room. She took it for the whole 120 minutes and loved it. No need for a guided tour from me at all.


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