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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oh Dear I'm Sick

Just when everything is setup to really run with the SMART Board I get struck by the dreaded flu. The worst part is that I can barely hear and working in a classroom environment is basically impossible. Alas I have had to take sick leave.

Unfortunately timing is everything and this week is Education Week and on Thursday we were to have an open session. Because I knew that a number of children would have parents, and grandparents visiting at this time, and that they would be expecting to show off the board I asked the relief teacher is she wouldn't mind if I came up to school and we sort of did a tag team for the last hour. She readily agreed and again it was interesting watching the adult reactions to the board. There was a lot of wowing at first but then again there was a general reluctance to actually engage with the board when given the chance to write etc. The children were very eager though to take over and as they guided their adult company in the use of the board they showed that they had a very good grasp of how to operate it, (much better in some cases than I had actually thought. Maybe I should take more of a back seat more often just to see what the children really can do?).

At home I had decided to "interactivate" a new strategy game. Though I could have used the SMART Notebook I decided this time to make it in Flash. The advantage with Flash is that through the use of action buttons you can automatically reset the board to starting positions. In addition I find it just a little easier to draw.

The game was again very successful this time the children actually a little reluctant to leave the board to play the paper version.


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