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Monday, May 23, 2005

Greatly Enhanced Presentation

Despite my infirmity, (I can only still partially hear at best), I went along to the Conference and made sure that I sat up the front of sessions I attended. Arriving at the conference I was more than pleased to find, as promised by Jeremy, my SMART Board ready in the room I was to present in. I shouldn't have been worried at all as I had had a number of conversations with both Jeremy and the folks delivering the board since the arrangements for the loan were made. (Their service has been most impressive indeed.)

As I had some spare time at lunchtime I offered to do a sort of intro to the SMARTBoard for any other delegates who were interested. A dozen or so people came up to the room and we had a quick intro to how it sets up and works. Most of the attendees were secondary teachers who went away most impressed with the capabilities of interactive whiteboards.

In the display area there was another IWB distributor displaying the board they had for sale. That product was pretty interesting too and the demonstrator was busy most of the time. It seems IWB's may be about to make an impact in our system.

As to the session I presented, it went very well. The SMARTBoard certainly did make it that much easier to present with as I was always facing the audience and they could see all the moves I was making. (My presentation is full of hyperlinks and embedded objects so participants could see everything as it unfolded as well as where it came from.) The display of interactives is superb especially as I took the plugin speakers.


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