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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Seeing Eye To Eye, With The Boss

Part way through the teaching this morning and the Principal came in with one of those, "I'm about to ask you a favour looks". It seems that a fellow Prin who also taught at our school was visiting this morning and my Prin thought it would be neat if he saw the SMARTBoard in action. Not a problem says I, just drop in as you wish. Fortunately I had that morning sourced some more animation/graphics, (the latter from the SMART Gallery), related to our new focus the eye.

Ten minutes later it was "Okay children, let's sit down on the floor and show Mr C our board." Fortunately the children are getting used to their new found celebrity status as the whiteboard room and they took things in their stride. They were so good that they did most of the demo showing the pen to text capability, along with other features such as changing properties, using the on-board keyboard and sundry other features. I almost felt redundant.

After our quick "wow" intro it was down to some serious work on the eyes. Again the BrainPop movie was just what the doctor ordered to show off how the board can be used to the max. We were able to stop pause and replay to our hearts content. Even more powerful however was the way in which we could draw on the image and annotate to make a point before we replayed. Mr C was most impressed, straight away suggesting that he needed to bring in his whole staff to check out these whizz bang boards.


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