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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Everything Old Is (well no quite as good as) New Again

We have just taken delivery of three brand spanking new SMART Boards and wow isn't it making me feel a bit jealous. The boards themselves are a bit larger and their are some nice changes to the pen tray, especially where the eraser fits in. (One of my children snapped a pin off of our room's board the other day so the changes here are very practical). The pens are also slightly easier in the hand. The big changes are in the peripherals that are bundled with it. The lucky rooms now have wireless slates as well as keyboards and mice and the children are already getting into it with them. The modular speakers that come with the board are also great looking. Pity that the instructions that come with the speakers are diagramatic without text and that I am not as practical in reading them as might be hoped. Maybe tomorrow I will get the time to figure it out :). Another big plus are the projectors that are super crisp and clear.

Speaking of the projectors it seems that, especially in schools where dust is a pretty endemic, that there is a need to regularly service the projectors to maintian the display something mine is desperately in need of.


Blogger SueM said...

The biggest problem I find with our SMART boards is the actual projectors to be honest. The image just isn't always as crisp and clear as I'd like. When they need replacing we'll go for better quality. What type do you have?

Do you like the 9.5 software? I love it. So many extra elements. I just wish that you could add your own sound so that you could create characters which when clicked would speak. I realise I could do this with MP3 but the majority of schools here don't seem to have MP3 recorders as yet.

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