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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Venn Did "i" Miss The Point

Isn't interesting how some holidays make you forget what you used to be able to deal without more than a passing thought. Today we were using the board for a small reading group activity. I had found two versions of the Hare and The Tortoise and had gotten the Venn Diagram template from Smart Ideas. The object was for the children in the group to find the differences and similarities between the two stories. Things were going well until we had the need to write in the letter "i". Naturally the children wanted to "dot their i's", however each time they did so the words were straight away turned into text and the component of the template that they had clicked on became active. This was altogether very frustrating for all and even more so for me as in the hurly burly of the class I couldn't think clearly enough about how to remedy the situation.

Later in the cool of the evening when the class had long gone home I remembered what I should have done. When I had opened the Venn Diagram Template, I should have modified it to suit the task, (eg added clipart and special text) and then sent all of the diagram to the background. You do this quite easily by first dragging over the items that you want to send to the back and then go to "Tools" and select "Make Background". This will make certain that the diagram and text and pictures that make up the template will not move or be changed. (N.B. you can get your background back to modify it again if you wish by once again going to "Tools" and then selecting "Retrieve Background".

'i" see the light :)


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